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Is The Yamaha DGX-630 Worth The Price?

The Yamaha DGX-630 is a full range 88 key MIDI keyboard. This keyboard is designed for intermediate to professional players but still has the learning system of some of the less expensive keyboards. The keys are weighted so it plays like a real piano with the low keys a bit heavier and the top keys lighter, this is a great feature if you play a piano a lot and are used to the feel of a real piano.

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If you read music the Yamaha DGX630 can display the sheet music as you play so you don’t need to turn the page.
This keyboard also has a 6-track sequencer which allows you to write and record your own songs. You can also connect it to a computer through the USB port to save MIDI files and run the sequence from your computer.
The Yamaha studio effects are standard Yamaha sounds which are at the top of the recording industry standards and the DGX 630 has more than enough to create some great songs.

Look at the features.

  • 88 Piano style, weighted keys with Graded Soft Touch
  • 6-track recorder
  • DSP effects for more realistic sounding Distortion Guitar and Rotary Organ
  • 503 high-quality tones
  • Stereo Speakers
  • On Sale At Amazon

Here are what some owners have to say:

C. Bodley says:

This keyboard is everything I expected and more. When I play it the notes feel like a standard grand piano because they are weighted and the sound is phenomenal. A customer review I read mentioned that the volume was low for this piano, but I found that it adjusts to a volume that the average person might consider too loud. Aside from the feel and sound, this piano has some useful tools for teaching beginning players such as a (USB) computer to piano interface, a 6-track recorder, and a small LCD screen which will transcribe notes into  a music score as the songs are played. The piano comes with a stabilizer bar which mounts below the keyboard and keeps it steady. Overall, I highly recommend this piano to anyone (beginner or experienced) for the money.

Review paraphrased for length read the full review here.

Maria C. Says:

I absolutely love this keyboard! Don’t think that it’d be better to spend $200 or more on a different keyboard. Believe me, the money is worth it. If you’re looking for a keyboard that sounds very acoustic this one is for you. It comes with bells and whistles, which is great for whatever you need. But if you’re like me, then perhaps you just want a full-sized weighted keyboard that sounds and feels authentic. The keys are almost as sensitive as a piano, maybe more, and will  allow you to gain emphasis in your playing. I’ve tested and played keyboards priced from $400 to $3000 and I specifically chose this one for how it sounded. This one is the cream of the crop. 🙂

Review paraphrased for length read the full review here.

In conclusion: If you are a beginning player and not sure about what you want I would not recommend this one. Save your money and buy one of the less expensive keyboards. But if you are looking for a great full range keyboard this is a great one to buy. The Yamaha quality is there and the price is great. You can get the best deal through this link at Amazon.com

Here is a great demo video.